E-WIN 55 Inches RGB Gaming Desk and Champion Series Ergonomic Fabric Computer Office Gaming Chair 400 LBS Bundle Set

E-WIN 55 Inches RGB Gaming Desk and Champion Series Ergonomic Fabric Computer Office Gaming Chair 400 LBS Bundle Set


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E-WIN RGB Gaming Desk
E-WIN RGB Gaming Desk - Take Gaming to the Next Level

We've Assembled The Ultimate Gaming Desk Configuration
Available To Provide A Superior Gaming Experience. It's Time To Level Up.

E-WIN RGB Gaming Desk
E-WIN 2.0 High-Strength Carbon Fiber Desktop

The spacious gaming surface up to 48in width with high-strength
carbon fiber texture. And this surface is finely textured with thousands
of microscopic, high-intensity light reflecting points, creating the perfect
surface for next-generation gaming mice tracking capabilities.

E-WIN RGB Gaming Desk
E-WIN 2.0 Dazzling Dual-sided RGB Lighting

In order to increase more immersive feeling in your gaming atmosphere. E-WIN
provides various RGB lighting effects. Watch your RGB gaming desk come alive
with built-in dynamic RGB lighting. Simply plug the USB cable into your gaming
pc, gaming laptop, Xbox or PS4, and BOOM! You'll light up the room. Choose your
favorite color or dynamic RGB multi-color light show. Experience your game like
never before with the E-WIN 2.0 RGB gaming desk.

E-WIN RGB Gaming Desk
Longer And Wider Edition

This extended Ergonomic RGB Desk is longer
and wider 55.2”×39.4”, it allows you to place three
monitors or more and take your battlestation
to the next level.

E-WIN RGB Gaming Desk
High-strength Aluminum Material
Legs for Maximum Stability

Framed Legs for Maximum StabilityE-WIN RGB gaming desk
is made of high-strength aluminumframe leg for maximum
stability, and this ensures that yourgaming rig is kept safely
above the ground, away from dust and dirt.

Tray & Wheels of E-WIN Gaming Chairs

E-WIN SoftWeave Fabric 2022.

Enjoy premium comfort with a mix of a lightweight and breathable blend of fabric.  Made from dense 350GSM short-yarn and a process of meticulous grinding to create  a unique ultra-soft and fluffy texture, this Champion Series chair is breathable, soft,  yet durable while providing maximum level of comfort over extended daily use in the  office and for gaming.

Armrests & The Tray of E-WIN Gaming Chairs
E-WIN Gaming Chair Backrest
Nap Extra Comfortably with The Adjustable Backrest
Whether you’re gaming, working or taking a nap, an angle-adjustable backrest will help you adjust the sitting position throughout the course of your using experience.
E-WIN Gaming Chair Backrest
E-WIN Gaming Chair Armrest
Tray of E-WIN Gaming Chair
E-WIN Gaming Chair Base
E-WIN Gaming Chair Gas Lift
E-WIN Gaming Chair Wheels
E-WIN 400LBS Gaming Chair
Tray & Wheels of E-WIN Gaming Chairs
Make The Chair Adapt to You with The Multi-tilt Mechanism
A locking mechanism is in place to enable sublime comfort in whichever position takes your fancy at the time. This means that, should you wish to, you are able to tilt the chair and lock it in place, allowing you to relax without fearing a loss of balance.
Hub-Less Casters
Choose Styles Of Champion Series Come with E-WIN PRIME Hub-Less Wheels, Featuring All Metal Ball Bearing for Soft, Smooth Glide And long Lasting Usage, While Giving an Unique And Futuristic Appearance.

E-WIN Gaming Chair Dimensions


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